• Micronclean Skegness
    Micronclean’s ISO 4 (EU GMP Grade B) facility, has been purpose built to exceed the needs of today’s modern cleanroom requirements:
    • Validated ISO 14644 - Class 4 environment
    • Semi-automated cleanroom garment process
    • Full decontamination to Class A of the ASTM F51/00 standard for garment particulate control
    • All processes are fully validated
    • Full traceability and garment management information available
    • Regularly audited by Pharmaceutical and NHS customers
  • Micronclean Skegness
    All garments received for processing are identified and scanned into the facility. They are then fully inspected via light tables to indentify any repairs or issues inline with exacting customer requirements, whilst ensuring compliance with GMP requirements. Any actions required are completed in-house and logged onto the Protrack database against the items unique barcode and then the item is returned to processing.
  • Micronclean Skegness
    Using Micronclean’s validated cleanroom wash programs, garments are processed using barrier washing machines into our ISO Class 4 (EU GMP Grade B) cleanroom. Cleanroom garments are then placed into positive pressure, HEPA filtered tumble dryers to complete processing and aid final particulate removal.

    Cleanroom garments are then folded and packaged before the addition of batch information for full traceability.
  • Micronclean Skegness
    Garments are collated and packed into Webknot bags, as required by our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor garment packing to meet customer requirements, for example - by garment type/size/department.
  • Micronclean Skegness
    GMP Alcohol Packaging Area – this ISO 4 and ISO 6 packaging area is a separate ‘single pass’ airflow cleanroom designed exclusively for the manufacture of alcohol trigger sprays and wipes.