Cleanroom Cleaning Services

To simplify the types of contract cleaning we offer our customers we have broken down our areas of expertise into three categories. For a bespoke quotation please use the enquiry form on the right.

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Decontamination Clean

This level of clean can apply to any new cleanroom construction, a major spill or any clean that falls outside of the normal parameters of a regular or bespoke clean. It may also apply to post-shutdown cleaning and any decontamination after planned and/or emergency maintenance. This level of cleaning is designed to remove heavy bioburdens and large amounts of particulates. We offer all stages of cleaning, from vacuuming to cleaning of sensitive equipment in order to turn a new build into a fully functional, microbiologically in-specification facility.

Regular Clean

This category of clean is carried out at a regular interval, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc., and can be carried out within your own time parameters or those established after consultation as being appropriate for your needs. Regular cleans are designed to help maintain an already stable and fully functional facility. This type of clean is carried out in accordance with your own cleaning regime and methods and is designed to help maintain good practice within a cleanroom. Cleaning can be carried out in accordance with your own gowning and transfer methodology and all our staff are highly trained to provide the best quality clean for your facility.

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Additional Services
  • Cleaning SOPs, Training, Documentation, Programme Design and Consultancy - we can tailor our services to your individual needs
  • Cleaning SOPs
  • Training
  • Clean Documentation
  • Cleaning Programme Design
  • Cleaning and Product Training
  • Consultancy
  • For more information on any of these systems or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us via phone or email.